Statements and Corrections of Catalogues of 2016 Autumn Auctions

Nov 14,2016

Any illustrations or statements in the catalogue are only for reference and not to be relied upon in terms of color, quality or imperfections. Prospective buyers shall examine carefully the objects before bidding. The purchase of a lot shall be at the buyer’s own risk.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part I)

1. The paper of Lot.120 should be watermark paper.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part II)

1. The seal of collector of Lot.416 should be Meng Xi Zhen Cang.

2. The Illustration of Lot.478 should include:
Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy 16, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, March 1993, p.4


Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art

1. The estimated price of Lot.910 should be RMB 20,000-30,000.

2. The original knot of Lot.931 is broken


Ancient Chinese Coinage, Sycees & Milled Coinage

1. Because of the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, Lot.1509 and Lot.1546 have been withdrawn.

2. Lot.1657 should be Kuang Hsu Yuan Pao Copper Coin, 10 Cash, Hu-Poo.

3. Lot.1675 and Lot.2263 have been withdrawn.

4. Lot.2131 has no Chinese instructions because of printing reason.


Stamps & Postal History

1. Lot.2554 is not a collection of Xie Echang.

2. Lot.2650 should be 24 and 20 Full Sheets, Complete of 12.


In accordance with the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, export clearance will not be granted for Lots that marked with “*” in this catalogue.