2016 Sprin Ancient Chinese Coinage, Sycees & Milled Coinage

May 16 at 9:30 am
Hotel Kunlun Beijing

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In accordance with the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, export clearance will not be granted for Lots that marked with "*". Selling prices are inclusive of 15% buyer's premium.

LOT Name Estimate Selling Price
 LOT 1501 War Period, Bridge-feeted Spade Money "An Yi Yi Jin", "An Yi Er Jin", Height: 67mm, 53mm, Total 2 pcs., VF-XF RMB:3,000-5,000

Selling Price(RMB): 8,050

 LOT 1502 War Period, Bridge-feeted Spade Money "Xiang Ping" X 2; Xin Mang Period, Spade Money "Da Bu Huang Qian", Height: 35mm, 43mm, 55mm, Total 3 pcs, VF-XF RMB:500-1,000

Selling Price(RMB): 1,380

 LOT 1503 War Period, Bridge-feeted Spade Money "An Yang", Height: 53mm, VF RMB:500-1,000

Selling Price(RMB): 920

* LOT 1504 War Period, Round-feeted Spade Money "Lin", Height: 74mm, XF RMB:Offer

Selling Price(RMB): 8,050

 LOT 1505 War Period, Spade Money "Ai Hua", "Ai Si Hua", "Ai Liu Hua", Height: 20mm, 29mm, 35mm, Total 3 pcs, VF-XF RMB:3,000-5,000

Selling Price(RMB): 10,350

* LOT 1506 Warring States Period, Bronze Money "Chang Yuan Yi Jin", Dia: 37mm, XF RMB:3,000-5,000

Selling Price(RMB): 3,450

 LOT 1507 Periods of Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty, Wooden wrapped Golden Shell Coin, 23 X 15mm, XF RMB:2,000-2,500

Selling Price(RMB): 5,175

 LOT 1508 The Spring and Autumn Period, Golden Shell Coins, 13 X 9.5mm, Total Weight: 0.9g., Total 2 pcs., Well Preserved, XF RMB:3,000-3,500

Selling Price(RMB): 3,450

* LOT 1509 Xin Mang Period, Spade Knife Money "Qi Dao Wu Bai", Height: 78mm, VF RMB:Offer

Selling Price(RMB): 6,900

 LOT 1510 Xin Mang Period, Spade Money "Di Bu Ba Bai", Height: 54mm, XF RMB:3,000-3,500

Selling Price(RMB): 6,900

 LOT 1511 The Period of Sixteen States, Ancient Fung Huo Coins, Dia: 24mm X 2, Total 2 pcs., Rare, XF RMB:2,000-3,000

Selling Price(RMB): 10,925

 LOT 1512 War Period to Wei and Jin Dynasties, Collections of Ancient Coins, Total 93 pcs., VF-XF RMB:1,000-2,000

Selling Price(RMB): 4,025

 LOT 1513 Han Dynasty to Wei and Jin Dynasties, Collections of Ancient Coins, Total 120 pcs., VF-XF RMB:2,000-3,000

Selling Price(RMB): 5,175

 LOT 1514 Tang Dyansty, "De Yi Yuan Pao" Coin, Dia: 36mm, XF RMB:2,000-2,500

Selling Price(RMB): 2,300

 LOT 1515 Tang Dynasty, "Shun Tian Yuan Pao" Coin, Dia: 37mm, XF RMB:2,000-2,500


* LOT 1516 North Song Dynasty, "Chong Ning Tung Pao" Mother Coin, Dia: 33mm, XF RMB:12,000-15,000

Selling Price(RMB): 13,800

 LOT 1517 Jin Dynasty, "Tai He Tung Pao" Coin, 2 Cash, Dia: 28mm, VF RMB:2,500-3,000

Selling Price(RMB): 2,875

 LOT 1518 The End of Yuan Dynasty, "Tian Ding Tung Pao" Coin, 1 Cash, Dia: 23mm, VF RMB:500-800

Selling Price(RMB): 1,380

 LOT 1519 The End of Yuan Dynasty to the Early Ming Dynasty, "Da Chong Tung Pao" Coin, 10 Cash, Dia: 45mm, Peking, XF RMB:1,500-2,000


 LOT 1520 The End of Yuan Dynasty to the Early Ming Dynasty, "Da Chong Tung Pao" Coin, 10 Cash, Dia: 45mm, Hupei, VF RMB:1,500-2,000

Selling Price(RMB): 1,725

 LOT 1521 Ming Dynasty, "Hong Wu Tung Pao" Coin, Dia: 39.5mm, XF RMB:5,000-6,000


* LOT 1522 Ching Dynasty, "Shun Zhi Tung Pao" Coin, Dia: 26mm X 3, Total 3 pcs., XF RMB:1,000-1,500

Selling Price(RMB): 1,150

* LOT 1523 Ching Dynasty, "Kang Xi Tung Pao" Coin, Dia: 26.9mm, GBCA VF75 RMB:1,800-2,000

Selling Price(RMB): 2,070

* LOT 1524 Ching Dynasty, "Qian Long Tung Pao" Coin Pattern, Dia: 35mm, Rare, XF RMB:10,000-12,000


* LOT 1525 Ching Dynasty, "Jia Qing Tung Pao" Coin, Dia: 35.5mm, XF RMB:5,000-8,000

Selling Price(RMB): 28,750

 LOT 1526 Ching Dynasty, Bronze Money Pattern Coin "Xian Fung Zhong Pao", 10 Cash, Dia: 39mm., Sinkiang Province, Rare, VF RMB:3,000-4,000

Selling Price(RMB): 13,800

* LOT 1527 Ching Dynasty, "Xian Fung Zhong Pao" Coin, Dia: 36.5mm, XF RMB:3,000-3,500

Selling Price(RMB): 4,370

* LOT 1528 Ching Dynasty, "Xian Fung Yuan Pao" Coin, 100 Cash, Dia: 49mm, XF RMB:1,000-1,500

Selling Price(RMB): 6,900

 LOT 1529 Ching Dynasty, "Xian Fung Tung Pao" Coin, 100 Cash, Dia: 68mm, Fukien Province, VF RMB:8,000-9,000

Selling Price(RMB): 9,200

* LOT 1530 Ching Dynasty, "Xian Fung Tung Pao" Coin, Dia: 44.5mm, GBCA VF80 RMB:Offer

Selling Price(RMB): 9,775