Jan 14,2009

Beijing Chengxuan has ten years of development since it was founded in 2005. During these ten years, we show honesty in three aspects of buyers, sellers and colleagues in the company. As for buyers, we take the most strict attitude to ensure the authenticity of each auction item, providing detailed introduction, with true estimate price, and forbid clients kiting and other fake auction acts. As to sellers, we try to find out the background information of auction item, digging out its reserve value and make perfection more perfect in such details as auction catalog compiling. After auctions, we take the sum of auction itemss as the standard of returned money, so as to guarantee the rights and interests of clients. Chengxuan Auctions has been ranking first since 2010 when China Association of Auctioneers and other institutes started to count the settlement schedule of various companies.

Chengxuan Auction has held 146 special auctions during 10 years, among which there are 23 modern and contemporary art auctions, 2234 auction goods in accumulative total, with the total average close rate of 75%; such thematic auctions as “Chinese contemporary art: from 10 to 20” held in the spring of 2006, and “Guo Ji and Yuan Shuzhen collected western paintings of the 20th century” held in the spring of 2010, have gained unanimous good reputation in the market and academic world; Chinese painting and calligraphy has held 43 auctions with 10828 auction items in accumulation and average close rate of 87%, among which “Huang Tiancai Fan” special, first auction in the autumn of 2005, “Jiexuan collected fans and painting and calligraphy selection” special in the autumn of 2008, two themes of Spring Wu Changshuo painting and calligraphy works and calligraphy couplets in the spring of 2009, and “great and beautiful realm, place and Yan-Huang” in the autumn of 2011 have gained enthusiastic response; there are 20 special auctions of porcelain arts with 2158 auction items in accumulation and average close rate of 72%, among which “Xinwutang collected Chinese paper currency” in the autumn of 2009, “Riantang collected Chinese silver ingot” in the spring of 2011, and other special auctions close the deal 100% with hot atmosphere. Moreover, there are 2 special auctions of art books, which both make a bargain and win good reputation.

From now on, we will always remember company’s role of neutral bridge and devote the most to each auction in spite of the sum, treating each customer equally without discrimination, sticking to the belief of honest and the style of fine art auction, and trying to make our own contribution to the construction of a mature, and honest art market!