Jan 14,2009

Beijing Chengxuan Auctions was established in 2005 and adheres to the principles of honesty, self-discipline, lawfulness, and standard operations. This is a common belief held by all colleagues and serves as the foundation for the company's survival and development. Over the past decade, the concept of "Cheng" has mainly been reflected in three aspects: buyers, sellers, and colleagues. As for buyers, we strictly authenticate the authenticity of auction items, consult experts from various fields to the best of our abilities, and ensure their accuracy. We provide a detailed and accurate description of the item's appearance, without concealing any information. Fake bidding is not permitted during auctions. For sellers, we make efforts to uncover the source and background of auction items, including publication and exhibition materials, as well as their artistic and collection value. We put all our efforts into compiling an auction catalog, striving for excellence in terms of item arrangement, format, text writing, and graphic quality. After the auction, we require timely and full payment for transaction items to safeguard the interests of consignors.

Since the beginning of our business, we have always remembered that an auction company should play a neutral, bridging role. We put all our efforts into each entrusted auction item regardless of its value, treat all customers equally, and view honesty as our foundation and even our emotional support. We are willing to pay the corresponding cost and make necessary sacrifices. In the past decade or more, Chengxuan has been fortunate to receive many supports and affirmations. To this day, we still adhere to the principle of honesty and persist in the style of high-quality auctions. We hope to contribute to the establishment of a mature and honest art market.

Since 2010, when the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA) started to track the settlement progress of various auction companies, Chengxuan Auction has consistently been ranked top place. In 2021, according to statistics from the CAA, Chengxuan Auction was ranked second in terms of the average profit per person among all national cultural relic auction companies in China. The settlement progress and average profit per person are the most powerful evidence of our real transactions. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", no matter whether the road ahead is smooth or rough, Chengxuan will continue to move forward with determination.