Statements and Corrections of Catalogues of 2017 Spring Auctions

Jun 18,2017

Any illustrations or statements in the catalogue are only for reference and not to be relied upon in terms of color, quality or imperfections. Prospective buyers shall examine carefully the objects before bidding. The purchase of a lot shall be at the buyer’s own risk.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part I)

1. Lot.161 was Xue Jiang Tang collection.
The Provenance of Lot.161 should be: Christie’s Hong Kong, 29 November 2011, Lot.1953

2. Lot.162 was Long Yuyuan’s collection as Lot.75 to Lot.77.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part II)

1. The Provenance of Lot.400 should be:
Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 1 November 1998, Lot.172

2. The Exhibition of Lot.404 should include:
The Exhibition of Tao Lengyue’s Paintings in Yushan Park of Changshu in 1927,1 to 9 January 1927, Changshu Yushan Park
There is a photo of the exhibition scene with Lot.404.


Modern and Contemporary Art

1. The estimated price of Lot.630 should be RMB 80,000-100,000

2. The estimated price of Lot.631 should be RMB 80,000-100,000


Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art

1. The Provenance of Lot.852 should include: Christie’s New York, 21 September 2004, Lot.252


Ancient Chinese Coinage, Sycees & Milled Coinage

1. There are some misdescriptions in the inscription of Lot.1555.

2. Lot.1564 was published in Chinese Sycees written by Jang Huey Shinn, p.194.

3. Lot.1629 was published in Chinese Sycees written by Jang Huey Shinn, p.232.

4. The mintage of Lot.2022 should be 260 complete sets,total 1040 pcs.

5. Lot.2147 has been withdrawn.

6. There are some misdescriptions in the edition of Lot.2302.



1. The estimated price of Lot.1338 should be RMB 60,000-80,000.


In accordance with the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, export clearance will not be granted for Lots that marked with “*” in this catalogue.