Statements and Corrections of Catalogues of 2018 Spring Auctions

Jun 15,2018

Any illustrations or statements in the catalogue are only for reference and not to be relied upon in terms of color, quality or imperfections. Prospective buyers shall examine carefully the objects before bidding. The purchase of a lot shall be at the buyer’s own risk.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part I)

1. The second Illustration of Lot.119 should be:
Painting and Calligraphy of Lin Shu, p.68、p.144, The Commercial Press and Zhong Guo Shu Dian, October 2014


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part II)

1. The second Illustration of Lot.437 should be:
Han Mo, vol.IV, Li Keran, Han Mo Xuan (Hong Kong), May 1990

The twenty-third Literature of Lot.437 should be:
Art World of Li Keran, p.266、p.279, Jilin Fine Arts Press, October 2007

The Introduction of Lot.437 should include:
Collection of Huang Shunmin

2. The estimated price of Lot. 531 should be RMB: 6,000-9,000


Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art

1. Lot.804 has been withdrawn.

2. Lot.806 has been withdrawn.

3. Lot.921 should be marked with “*”。


Modern and Contemporary Art

1. According to the seller’s demand, Lot.702 has been withdrawn.



1. Lot.1081 should be Central Bank of China gold yuan notes.

2. Lot.1687 has been withdrawn.


Ancient Chinese Coinage & Sycees

1. Lot.1822 has been withdrawn.

2. There are some misdescription in the inscription of Lot.1984.

3. Lot.2076 wasn’t published in Evolution Of Silver.


Milled Coinage

1. The estimated price of Lot.2694 should be RMB:80,000-100,000.

2. Lot.2727 and Lot.2823 have been withdrawn.


In accordance with the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, export clearance will not be granted for Lots that marked with “*” in this catalogue.