2009 Spring Auctions Corrections of the Catalogs

May 24,2009


Beijing ChengXuan 2009 Spring Auctions
Coins and Banknotes (Part I)   
Corrections of the Catalogue
Please note the changes in description on the following lots on the sale of Coins and Banknotes (Part I) of ChengXuan 2009 Spring Auctions:
1. Any illustrations or statements in the catalogue are only for reference and not to be relied upon in terms of color, quality or imperfections. Prospective buyers shall examine carefully the objects before bidding. The purchase of a lot shall be at the buyer’s own risk.
2. No lot may be returned after the auction due to the evaluation of any appraisal institution.
3. The description of Lot 2163 should be a group of 17 ancient coins including a piece of “Da Quan Wu Shi”, a piece of “Tai Ping Bai Qian” and another 15 pieces of “Kai Yuan Tung Pao”.
4. Lot 2414, Lot 2455, Lot 2463, Lot2465, Lot2607, Lot 3017, Lot 3018 and Lot 3057 have been withdrawn.
5. The name of Lot 2936 should be the 29th year of Republic 1 cent trail copper coin.
6. The estimated price of Lot 2982 should be RMB 2,800-3,500.
7. The estimated price of Lot 3055 should be RMB 250,000-300,000.
8. According to the State Bureau of Culture Relics, some items of these auctions are not permitted to be exported. For more detail information, please contact the Coins & Stamps Department.