Apr 03,2008



  1. The Company shall undertake no guarantee for the authenticity and/or quality of the Lot. Bidder and/or its agents shall inspect and investigate the actual status regarding the Lot and take liability for its bidding.
  2. The Bidder shall register and receive bidding number before the Auction Date with a valid identity card, or passport or other certificates approved by the People's Republic of China in the case of a natural person, or a valid certificate of registration, ID of legal representative or other legal authorization certificates in the case of a legal entity or other organization, otherwise it will not be deemed as a legal Bidder.
  3. The Company will charge a deposit before the Bidder receives bidding number. The amount of deposit will be announced before Auction Date.
  4. Any person who bids shall be deemed as principal, unless the Bidder represents to the Company a written certificate showing that it is the agent of a principal and subject to the Company's approval in written before Auction Date.
  5. The Bidder shall attend the auction personally; otherwise it may give the Company a commission in writing to bid on its behalf according to the Company's related rules. The Company shall have the right to but no obligation to accept such commission.
  6. Since the Company charges no fee for bidding on behalf of the Bidder in the case that the Bidder can not attend the auction personally, the Company shall not be liable for any failure in bidding or any negligence or fault in the commission bids. If the bidder wants a successful bid, the bidder should attend the auction in person.
  7. The auctioneer is entitled to represent the Company to increase or decrease the bidding ladder, refuse any bidding, or restart auction in case any dispute arises.
  8. The Bidder will be deemed as the Buyer of the Lot after succeeding in bidding and shall pay the Company remuneration equal to 15% of Hammer Price and other Expenses.
  9. The Buyer shall make full payments in a lump sum and collect the Lot (package and transportation at the Buyer's expense) within 7 days after the Sale Date; otherwise, the Buyer shall be liable for breach of contract.



  1. Reading the Company's conditions of business and choosing the perfect items from the catalogues.
  2. Contacting with the manager of the related department to learn more about the lot and other related matters.
  3. Presenting the pre-sale exhibition of the Company to examine the interested lots.
  4. Registering to get a numbered paddle before the auction.
  5. Attending the auction in person and learning the related statements and the bidding ladder about the sale.
  6. Bidding for your interested lots and signing the written record showing the successful bid.
  7. Paying.
  8. Picking up or shipping your property.